For Beginners

Drumming can be one of the most rewarding and fun instruments to learn, and is easier to learn than you may think. Within the first lesson, you will be playing your first drum beat. After a few lessons, you will become better acquainted with the drums and able to play a number of different beats. You will eventually advance to the intermediate level of playing.

Intermediate Players

You may have been learning to drum for a number of years on occasion, but would now like to advance their abilities to become proficient and expert drummers. Jack will assess your skill set to see areas for improvement. In no time, you will get back on your way to becoming a truly experienced drummer

For Experienced Players

There are always areas for improvement. Whether you have ambitions for playing in concerts, getting a band growing and advancing your career, or simply want to be able to eventually teach the drums. Experienced players will gain a plethora of skills and knowledge after lessons with Jack.

Your first lesson has an introductory discount offer of 50% off.

All lessons are charged at £25 per hour.